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Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid 1 revised

Ever since I was treated to a morning at the John Barrett Braid Bar in New York, I have wanted to recreate my do from that day. This waterfall braid took the stylist all of 15 minutes (including the curls) and complimented both my day and night outfits just perfectly. So, I borrowed my hair extraordinaire friend Karmin for an afternoon to show me how it’s done…

waterfall braid 2

Start by taking three sections of your hair just as you would for a french braid. Once the top section is crossed over, drop it so it hangs.

waterfall braid 3

Select another piece from the bottom to replace the dropped one, and continue to french braid the hair. Drop the top section each time.

waterfall braid 4

Continue working the braid down into the centre to create the cascade look. Use a small clear elastic to hold the end in place.

waterfall braid 5

Repeat on the other side. Once the two sides are complete, use bobby pins to hold them in place.

waterfall braid 6

Lastly, curl the ends of your hair. We used the Enzo Milano Reverso wand to create the beachy waves look.

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