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Vitruvi Essential Oils


I am a firm believer in essential oils. There is something so relaxing about diffusing oils and taking in the scents that immediately calm you. It’s the perfect, healthy way to help you unwind at the end of the day, ease tension, stay focused, wake you up – the list goes on. I am always learning of new benefits, and different combinations of oils to help alleviate certain symptons.


Vitruvi is a local Vancouver company started by brother/sister team, Sara and Sean Panton. Combining their knowledge in medicine, global health and business, these family members launched their line of essential oil products to “help to create mindfulness and add a little self care during the modern hustle.” Let’s also note that their branding is SO. ON. POINT. ♥


What I love about the Vitruvi products is that they are 100% pure. No fillers or synthetic fragrances – all natural. I have diffusers in my kids rooms (read on to learn about what blends), so I want to ensure the products are safe for them too. My personal favourite diffuser is this white stone diffuser. It’s the perfect size, and is also a nice accent in a room.


Here are my THREE favourite blends, and what I use them for…

  1. Peppermint + Frankincense = for headaches, migraines. This combination provides a cooling scent which alleviates discomfort, reducing pain and inflammation.
  2. Lavender + Eucalyptus = for when you feel under the weather. I love diffusing this combination when I am feeling run down, stressed, or feel a cold/flu coming on. It helps for sleeping, promotes relaxation and clear breathing (which is why you will often find eucalyptus in steam rooms and spas ;-)).
  3. Cedarwood + Lavender + Frankincense = for sleep training. Yes, that’s right. This magical blend made a HUGE difference when it came to teaching Rex how to sleep through the night. He was waking up multiple times up until the age of two. That’s not enjoyable for any parent! I mix this blend in his diffuser and turn it on a few minutes before putting him to bed.


Another product that I love is the SLEEP mist. I spray this in the bathroom while the kids are having a bath before bed, and I spray it on my face and pillow before going to sleep. Between this, my eye mask, my diffuser and my white noise (yes, that’s my bedtime routine. I know, it’s pretty intense!), it’s easy to doze off quickly!

Be sure to check out their products here, and show them some love on Instagram ♥

Post in collaboration with Vitruvi. 


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