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Four Tips for Caring for Your Jewellery by Keltie Leanne Designs

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I love building a collection of gorgeous, everyday wear fine jewellery (especially from local Vancouver designers, like Keltie Leanne Designs!) that can be stacked, and worn with pretty much every look. I now feel naked without it! That being said, I haven’t always taken care of my pieces like I should be. Can anyone else relate??

Keltie uses sterling silver, 14-karat gold and gold fill, and gemstones in her feminine, modern collection. As someone who is an expert in dealing with these materials, Keltie was happy to share her tips as a designer! Read on for Keltie’s 4 Top Tips for Jewellery Care so that you can prolong the life of our jewels!

  1. The BEST way to clean your tarnished sterling silver!

This method for cleaning your silver jewellery is faster, more effective, and less messy than using a polishing cloth or cleaning solution:

Step 1. Line a small tupperware or old yogurt container with aluminium foil.

Step 2. Add your tarnished silver jewellery plus 1-2 spoonfuls of baking soda.

Step 3. Pour enough boiling water over your pieces to cover your jewellery.

Step 4. Watch in amazement as your silver jewellery is transformed! You can “stir” the jewellery around a bit with a plastic or wooden utensil (i.e. a chopstick) to ensure it all is cleaned.

Step 5. Rinse your jewellery with water, and then dry carefully with a soft cloth or towel.

A few notes on the above…

  • I have tried this method on gold-plated sterling silver (gold vermeil), and it also works like a charm!
  • Yes, you might smell “rotten eggs” as the sulphide tarnish is removed from your jewellery.
  • Please exercise caution when using this method to clean gemstone jewellery, especially pieces containing porous stones like opals, turquoise and pearls. Since extreme heat can damage gemstones, if you do wish to clean your gemstone jewellery using this method, warm water should also do the trick – it will just take a bit longer to work.
  • Don’t use this method on any jewellery that has been intentionally oxidized as it will remove the lovely, antiqued detailing!

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  1. The plastic bag trick.

It may not seem glamorous, but one of the very best ways to store your jewellery is in small, clear, reseal-able bags. By storing your jewellery this way you avoid pieces getting tangled in your jewellery box and prevent moisture and other elements from tarnishing or harming your jewels, while still being able to see what is what.

Jewellery should also be stored away from bright light so be sure to keep these little plastic pouches in a safe, dark place.

There is no need to break out the zippered sandwich bags; a package of 100 small, reseal-able bags can be purchased for a few dollars at most bead and craft shops.

  1. How to remove stubborn knots from your necklace chain!

If you have a super tricky knot that you can’t un-work with your fingers alone, take a safety pin, or stick pin, and gently push it through the center of the knot. Be careful not to accidentally put the pin into a link in the chain, but rather, the knot itself. Then, gently wiggle the pin until you can create a big enough gap in the knot to pull it apart.

View More: http://windandriver.pass.us/keltie-leanne-instagram-images

  1. When NOT to wear your favourite jewels…

While your favourite jewellery shouldn’t demand a special occasion to come out and play, there are certain times when you shouldn’t wear jewellery: be sure to remove pieces before bathing, swimming, cleaning, sleeping and sports.

Shampoos and lotions, cleaning supplies, salt and pool water, sweat – all of these elements eventually take a toll on your jewellery, causing metals to dull or tarnish, and gemstones to discolour or become damaged.

As for wearing your accessories to bed or during sports – the possibility of a piece catching, tangling or snagging is a risk to both your jewellery and yourself!


Thank you SO much to Keltie Leanne Designs for sharing these tips. I know I will be using all of them starting now! You can view Keltie’s stunning collection here, and find her on Instagram and Facebook.


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  • Debbie Dibble

    December 19, 2016

    Thanks for all the insightful jewellery tips.

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