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How SkinONE Transformed My Skin

How SkinONE Transformed My Skin

Skin struggles can really have a negative impact on your mood and your self-esteem. Today I want to tell you about how SkinONE transformed my skin. Ever since becoming a mother almost ten years ago, I have had major ups and downs in this department. Unfortunately more downs than ups. It was my goal last year to find a clinic that could help me work towards achieving healthier, happier skin.

I was introduced to SkinONE in West Vancouver by a friend of mine who works in the industry. She had nothing but amazing and positive things to say about SkinONE. Given her experience in working alongside clinics in Vancouver, I knew that I could trust her opinion.

What makes SkinONE and their team stand apart from the rest?? Their evidence based aesthetic solutions using the latest technology, techniques and products, directed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Klok. Dr. Klok and her team are committed to providing the highest of care and safety to their clients. As a client of the clinic, I know this to be true. You need to do your research when it comes to the technology that is used by a clinic. Many clinics offer the same services, but what is really going to alter the results is WHAT technology they are using.




How SkinONE Transformed My Skin

(Top photo was taken at my first consult. Bottom photo was after three Forever Clear BBL treatments.) 

This past year has brought a lot of stress into our lives. Learning to live through a pandemic has been challenging, and with the added stress, comes a reaction from our bodies. When I deal with great stress, my skin reacts. For years I have been battling with hormonal breakouts, and when you add unavoidable stress on top of that, it only gets worse.

During the days of quarantine last March, I made the mistake of testing out different products and tools. A very risky move given my sensitivity. Let me tell you, did I ever pay for that mistake! After purchasing a derma roller on amazon, I gave myself an ‘at-home’ treatment. This resulted in a MAJOR reaction, which left me with a breakout ALL over my face. It was so much worse than before I used the derma roller. UGH! Needless to say, I literally bawled my eyes out.

How SkinONE Transformed My Skin

Thank goodness I had a scheduled appointment at SkinONE only a week later. When I went into their office, feeling completely defeated, I admitted what I had done. It was comforting to hear that I am not the only one, and it’s very common for them to hear this same story from other clients. Lesson learned: Leave it to a professional.

Based on my goal, which was to work towards going makeup-free more often, the team suggested Forever Clear BBL. This specific laser would target the acne, calm my skin, and clear the breakouts and the redness. After a handful of sessions over the course of a few months, I could not believe the transformation. The BBL treatment gave me results I had NEVER seen before. Trust me when I say, I have tried it all. SkinONE has a dedicated acne clinic lead by Dr. Cindy Huang, and Dr. Huang and her team treat everything from active acne, to acne scars.

How SkinONE Transformed My Skin

makeup-free (only wearing tinted SPF, no filter). This is after five treatments

Since then, I have told so many people about my experience at the clinic and the results from BBL. Honestly, I cannot recommend it enough. SkinONE has the knowledge and equipment to help you break up with makeup as well as excellent female physician injectors for Botox and Dermal Filler! If you are North Shore based like myself, avoid the bridge traffic for your Botox and Dermal filler treatments and book in to see Dr. Huang. SkinONE is THE place to go, and is conveniently located in West Vancouver.

If you are feeling completely defeated by your skin, I highly suggest contacting their team. They will start with a free consultation and VISIA analysis to create a program designed for YOU.

How SkinONE Transformed My Skin

Would you like $100 towards your first service? Comment below or send me a direct message on Instagram to receive a $100 gift card! ** valid for 1 full price service over $100. Not valid towards product or injectables. 

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