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Beauty Boosters: Jouviance SkinGlowFx and LashFx

I’ve recently started using two beauty products that I can’t go without! They also fit perfectly into my beauty routine. SkinGlowFx and LashFx by Jouviance are two “beauty boosters” that give you longer, fuller lashes and brows, and glowing skin.

Product #1 – LashFx by Jouviance

I personally do not like wearing lash extensions, but of course, like every woman, I want long lashes! I will admit that my natural lashes are pretty decent, but definitely not like they used to be in my teens and twenties. If a serum can help, I’m in!

LashFx by Jouviance is a strengthening treatment that you use day and night to stimulate growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows (by 45%!). It is safe for sensitive skin and eyes (developed by a dermatologist, tested by an ophthalmologist), and clinically tested in Canada! LashFx has two treatments – a night fortifying serum to help stimulate growth and volume, and a tinted fortifying base primer to help strengthen and protect. I like that it’s in one tube, for convenience!

Run the serum along your lash line at night. It’s easy to apply, and does not irritate your eyes!

In the morning, apply mascara right after the tinted primer base for a more intense look! Lash FX is a beauty booster that is a must-have in my opinion!

Product #2 – Skin GlowFx by Jouviance

My main goal with my skin is to achieve a smooth, BRIGHT complexion. With dry, sensitive skin that can be challenging! Now that I am in my mid-thirties, finding products that have ant-aging ingredients are important too. Beauty boosters like the Skin GlowFX help achieve those skin goals.

Skin GlowFx by Jouviance is multi-functional. It contains pearls to restore radiance to your skin, silk powder to tighten pores and blurs imperfections. I love the way this product feels on my skin, and works as a primer! Apply after your day cream and before your makeup to the areas that you wish to brighten. The mattifying texture creates a long-lasting make-up hold.

Beauty Boosters: Jouviance SkinGlowFx and LashFx – Ingredients NOT found in ANY Product

It is important to check the label on your beauty products to ensure they are safe to use. Here is a list of ingredients you will NOT find in any of the Jouviance products!

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Phthalates
  • Mineral Oils
  • Colourants
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Animal-based or potentially irritation-causing

These products are also NOT tested on animals.

Beauty Boosters: Jouviance SkinGlowFx and Lash Fx

There are so many benefits to incorporating Jouviance LashFX and Skin GlowFX into your beauty routine. Achieve your lash and skin brightening goals easily!

If you would like the chance to win a LashFX, head over to my Instagram feed now! We are giving away a LashFX ($75 value) to one lucky winner!

In partnership with Jouviance / Photography by Studio 86 Creative Design