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Five Ways to Mix Metals with Keltie Leanne Designs

Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne Designs

The idea of mixing different metals when wearing jewellery is certainly not a new one; it is however, completely out of a comfort zone for some. What are the rules? What can be mixed? What shouldn’t you pair together?? The thought can feel overwhelming, therefore not everyone feels confident enough to do it.

With fine jewellery, stacking rings and layering necklaces being all the rage these days, it makes it much easier to mix and match. After all, stacking on layers of jewels should be fine, right?? 😉

I’ve teamed up with the ever so lovely Keltie Leanne Designs to discuss this very topic. She is providing her five tips on how to master the mix metal game ♥ Read on to learn more…

How to Mix Metals

Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne Designs

The old rules saying you shouldn’t mix the metal colours of your jewellery no longer apply. Looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate mixed metals into your look? Here are a few of my favourite ways to combine different metals, so you can take the guesswork out of styling your jewellery.
1.) Pair silver and rose gold.
Ease into mixing metals by pairing the cool tone of silver or white gold, with the warmth of rose gold. These two metal colours make a gorgeous and eye-catching duo.
Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne
2.) Tie your look together with a unifying element.
When combining metal colours, keep one aspect of your jewellery consistent throughout. It could be sticking with a certain theme like geometric shapes, or maintaining the gemstone colour of your pieces. This is a great way to create cohesion and consistency within your look, while experimenting with mixed metals.
Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne Designs
3.) Keep it light and airy.
Allow the mixed metals of your accessories to be the focal point of your look, by keeping the gemstones and style of your pieces light and airy. Think diamonds, crystals, and moonstone, showcased in simple designs and on delicate chain.
Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne
4.) Layer away. 
Wear necklaces of differing lengths in a mix of metal colours. You can incorporate one or more of the tips above, as inspiration for your look.
Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne Designs
5.) Most importantly: have fun! 
The days when mixing metals was considered a fashion mis-step are behind us, so enjoy experimenting with your jewellery and seeing what works for you. – Keltie
Mixing Metals - Keltie Leanne Designs
A HUGE thank you to Keltie Leanne Designs for teaming up with me on this post, and sharing her five tips on how to properly mix metals! You can find all pieces featured in this post on Keltie Leanne Design’s website.
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