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Surprise!! Baby Shower


My outfit details: top: topshop maternity/ tank: eileen fisher/ pants: rebecca taylor via nordstrom rack/ shoes: nine west 

This past weekend was extremely eventful. On Sunday I was under the impression that I was putting on heels for a special brunch date with one of my girlfriends, only to be completely surprised by over 20 friends & family at a baby shower – that had been planned without my knowledge. Word was out on how much I LOVE surprises (how can you not??) so I was overjoyed. To be blessed with such thoughtful, kind & caring friends who would go to such great lengths to make this momma feel incredibly special & loved before baby #2’s arrival left me speechless (and of course, teary eyed). Thankfully my girlfriend had planted the idea of dressing up in advance, so I did not have to be embarrased by rolling in there in sweatpants 😉

After I found out I was having another boy, I was turning down the idea of a shower from friends, as part of me felt selfish for having another party – especially when it’s the same gender! Even still, it made me realize how sweet it is to make a big deal out of the second baby, like you do with the first. There’s already going to be less time, more hand me downs, and a struggle for momma’s undivided attention. So to celebrate his arrival, receive some fabulous gifts, and have each and every lady there speak a few words (Hostesses idea – which was so sweet, and once again brought me to tears), I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better surprise!!

Thank you ladies!!!!! (who know who you are!) xo

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