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A Simple White Tee

A simple White Tee 3

A simple White Tee 1

A simple White Tee 4

A simple White Tee 7

A simple White Tee 11

t-shirt: sandro via mine & yours /denim: ag/ shoes: lord & taylor (old)/ bag: baggu/ long necklace: jq vancouver

There are a handful of select items in ones closet that will always stand the test of time. I think that almost everyone would agree that a simple white t-shirt is definitely one of them. You just can’t go wrong; There are endless possiblities…

The question is: To invest or not to invest in a good quality t-shirt? I can see the argument from both sides. You are running thr risk of staining it, and having it ruined (and with kids, this is probable), so why spend a lot?? On the other hand, the quality can make a difference, and in turn, make you feel fabulous in something as simple as a white t-shirt. The perk to the inexpensive version is that you can replace them a couple of times a year, and it won’t break the bank. If you are opting for inexpensive yet good quality, these j.crew t-shirts are my #1 go-to. They hold their shape in the wash, and are incredibly comfortable.

As for the investment piece, that is where this shirt comes in. Lucky for me,  without the high price tag. I scooped this Sandro linen blend t-shirt up as soon as I laid eyes on it at Mine & Yours. The shirt is a resale item, AND was in my size!! I paid 30% of the original price, and it is now and will remain one of those timeless pieces in my closet. Simple, classic, understated.

Here are my favourite combinations when pairing a white t-shirt..

  • with denim, my go-to bag, & a comfortable pair of shoes for daytime (ie; flats, sandals, sneakers, boots – as featured above)
  • with denim, simple jewelry, clutch, blazer (if the weather permits) & a killer pair of heels for night. 
  • with a skirt & a blazer or sweater with flats, heels for work. Paired with a necklace. 
  • with denim & an oversized knit with booties for cooler weather.
  • with shorts or drawstring pants, flat sandals, and good sunglasses for summer. 

The easiest way to elevate your look with a plain t-shirt? A necklace. This immediately creates a dressier style..