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grey and neutral mix - casual chic look all grey outfit @thefamjewels daytime makeup look by @axartmu all grey tones - the family jewels blog grey on grey tones - @aritzia jacket and @oakandfort dress

Continuing on with my discussion about forgiving clothing (see “buffet” pants post here ;)), I thought I should touch on the holiday months aka “socializing frenzy” months between Halloween and Christmas.

Now I LOVE healthy eating, but I will be completely transparent here and admit to you that I also LOVE sweets. So naturally, Halloween and Christmas are a dangerous time for me. I may have eaten my weight in candy since mid October (yes I open the boxes of candy before October 31st and go to town on them), so this is what I am thinking 1) I need to increase my visits to the gym 2) I need to slow down on my sweets consumption and trade them out for healthier options 3) I need some stretch in my clothing.

So, that leads me to today’s subject. How to dress in forgiving pieces without it having the opposite affect! Often times when we don’t want to wear form fitting clothing, we reach for a loose silhouette that acts as a safety blanket. This can work, however, there is that fine line in fashion that you don’t want to cross. When you look like you’re being swallowed by your outfit and when there is no sign of your shape, you’ve gone TOO FAR. To avoid this from happening, counterbalance your not so form fitting piece by pairing it with something structured. This will even out your look, making you appear much more polished.

I have worn this oak + fort dress dozens of times. It is very basic, and very casual (also, it is in no way clingy). I wanted to play around with various grey tones, so I paired it with this aritzia blazer, which does have shape to it. I am completely comfortable and don’t feel restricted whatsoever, but I’m avoiding the boxy look at the same time. That’s a win/win in my books!

Have a question about style or fit?? Feel free to comment below, or email me at!

dress – oak + fort
blazer – aritzia
bag – aritzia (similar)
booties – vince camuto

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  • Debbie Dibble

    November 14, 2016

    I liked your honesty about eating sweets.

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