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Hair 101 – Hair Class


Last month I was invited by the ladies of Hair 101 to come and join a hair tutorial class they were hosting at the Dye Lot in North Vancouver. I am not one who finds curling/styling my hair while in a rush very easy, so I was more than willing to take an evening to learn a few time saving tips. I tend to just toss my hair up in a top knot between washes, only leaving me with two good hair days a week if I’m lucky. (I’m sure many of you can relate!).

To start off, Sheena & Christina, both hair stylists in Vancouver, poured me a glass of bubbles upon my arrival, and I was greeted with a hair kit to take away with at my station. I found having this kit made theĀ transition from styling with a pro, to doing it on my own much smoother. I didn’t even own hair clips (which works like a charm when you want to section your hair during styling), and finding good quality mini elastics that don’t break on the first use is HUGE for updo’s. So thank you ladies for the takeaway!

We tried out a handful of different styles, including beachy waves, a half braided top knot (LOVED this), a voluminous pony, and a five minute twisted updo. Once I got the hang of the proper way to curl, the rest was very straightforward. As someone with short/medium length very fine hair (but a lot of it), I never was able to create the waves I was looking for. The key was to section off in three, and do one tier at a time. I also did not know that for each wave, you turn your hair in the opposite direction to create the definition and volume. (maybe I’m alone on this?? lol).

Here are a few more tips based on the styles shown below..

  • Use dry texture spray before, during, and after styling. The moroccan oil dry texture spray that is used in this class works very well, so I made sure to stock up before I left!
  • For a voluminous pony tail, create two small pony tails and stack them right on top of one another using the clear, mini elastics. Also, tease, tease, tease, the crown portion! Take a part of the pony on the bottom, and wrap some hair around, creating a band, and secure with a bobby pin (or two!).
  • For a quick, five minute style, take the front section of your hair on one side, and split into two. Twist the two pieces while carrying it towards the back of your head, and use a small elastic to secure on the end. Take the remainder of your hair (I used a ton of dry texture spray, and did some teasing first) and create a low, side bun, also including the twisted piece. Keep that in place with bobby pins. You could easily do a braid as well, and even stretch it out for a nice big braid on the side.

Want to learn more about these tutorials?? Check out Hair 101 to see details on all of the different classes offered, or to book a private event! Sheena and Christina want one lucky lady to experience this class for FREE, at their next holiday tutorial in North Vancouver on November 28th. You must be on Instagram to enter, and follow @ilove_hair101! See IG post here šŸ˜‰






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  • Debbie Dibble

    October 19, 2016

    Thanks, Samantha, for all the hair tips. That is why I leave my hair long. I like to experiment with it.

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