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How to Pack For Spring Break in a Carry-On

How to Pack For Spring Break in a Carry-On

How to Pack for Spring Break in a Carry On

Heading out of town for Spring Break this year?? Avoid making the mistake of overpacking, and travel light! Here are a few tips on how to pack all of your Spring Break looks into one small carry-on this vacation season.

We are traveling to Palm Springs next week, and I cannot wait for some desert heat!! I picked up a few key pieces from Arc Apparel, Style Artist and that will match with the rest of my vacation wardrobe. I love the idea of not having to worry about what to wear on vacation, which is what happens when you pack too many options!

How to Pack For Spring Break in a Carry-On

  • Know your plan, and pack accordingly. I try to know what we will doing and where will be going while traveling to pack the proper clothes and shoes in my carry-on. This may make me sound like I am an A-type, but I assure you that I am not ;-). For example, a desert vacation requires a pretty casual wardrobe. Most of our time is spent sitting around the pool, riding golf carts, and going for the occasional dinner out. Going out clothes and multiple pairs of heels are unnecessary!
  • Pack a few pairs of shoes. If there is one item that takes up space and adds weight in your luggage, it’s shoes!! Choose a few versatile pairs that can be worn from day to night, and work for airport travel as well. Stick with neutrals – black, beige, metallic – so they can easily pair with your clothing options.
  • Choose clothing that can easily be washed. I don’t like to travel with “dry clean only” clothes so that I can wear pieces more than once. Those delicate pieces only seem to make it through one wear before needing to be cleaned again! If you love wearing silk, check out this washable line here.
  • Mix and match pieces that can create multiple looks. Instead of planning _ #outfits based on how many days you are away, select pieces that go together! Base it on a colour palette (for example, mine is white/beige/black/denim). More tips on how to pack a capsule travel wardrobe here.
  • Wear your bulky layers on the plane – Your outerwear, bulkiest shoes, hat, etc. should be worn while traveling to ensure the rest of your items fit in your carry-on!
  • Pack a compact bag inside your carry-on – If you are going to be shopping while on vacation, bring an extra bag that fits inside of your carry-on. This way you will have somewhere to store those new items while en route home! Just make sure it is small enough that you can still have it as an additional carry-on 🙂

Are you heading out of town this Spring Break?? If so, where you are going? Share with me in the comments section below!

Photography by Codi Lynn 


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