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Four Fashion Trends That Will Continue Through 2017

Four Fashion Trends That Will Continue Through 2017








As someone who rarely jumps on a trend as soon as it gains popularity, my approach has always been to keep a watchful eye on those styles to see if they stick around before making a decision of whether or not it works for me. I tend to lean towards the classics instead, even if it means I am not necessarily “on trend”. Those of the moment pieces don’t always appeal to me, even when I am surrounded by them on social platforms and magazines. I guess I am just slightly non-committal in that department 😉

So that being said, as we come to a close on 2016, and look back at the hottest fashions (chokers, white sneakers, bomber jackets, cropped wide leg denim, off the shoulder tops, to name a few), we often wonder, what is here to stay, and what styles do we bid adieu to??

Prior to my very first off the shoulder top purchase (yes, I know, late to the party), I wanted to know: Will we see this trend in 2017? The answer is yes, but with a twist. I was excited to hear the news as this Aritzia faretta sweater is ever so comfortable, and I did not want to leave it behind. It provides both a cozy feeling and a feminine touch. Read on for further details and my list for the four trends that are here to stay through the New Year…

  1. Off the Shoulder – not to be confused with the “cold shoulder” style, which will be fading out by Spring. The appeal of the off the shoulder tops is the feminine, romantic feel they provide. This was a HUGE trend in 2016. For the New Year, you will see this style layered with tank tops and other blouses underneath, re-defining this look in a more intriguing way.
  2. Mules – A dominating shoe trend from 2016 that will be even bigger in 2017 according to Elle Magazine. All variations (flat, low heel, sneaker, espadrille, etc.) will continue to stay strong, with more colour, materials, and patterns than we have seen before. I purchased my first pair of mules from Madewell, and can honestly say that I am happy they are here to stay!
  3. Stripes – Now you may say to yourself, “when are stripes NOT in?” Which is true! They are most definitely considered a classic. Stripes are perfect for those who typically avoid pattern. It is not busy or overwhelming. That being said, year after year we see designers bringing new life to the trend. In 2017 you will see both vertical and horizontal, thick and thin stripes, and more colour variations.
  4. Sneakers – I think we can all agree, let’s keep the sneaker trend alive! I wore sneakers more than any other shoe in 2016, and I know I am not the only one. We have found a trend that combines both fashion and comfort. Why would we want that to end?? The all white sneaker (especially the Stan Smiths) were the dominating trend this past year. For 2017 we will continue to see all white, as well as more colourful, distressed and patterned styles.

As this is my very last post of 2016, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading!! I have made so many new connections this past year that I am ever so grateful for. I have had the chance to meet some of you in person too, which was a very exciting and surreal experience. If there is one thing in particular I have taken away from this past year of blogging, it is putting fear aside. I plan on amping up my blogging game in 2017, and I hope to involve you, my readers, even more! Please email me at if you have any requests for blog posts, or have a question!

Have a safe and Happy New Year! xo

A BIG thank you to Meaghan Gipps for capturing this look!

sweater, aritzia
denim, mavi
boots, zara (on sale!!)
sunnies, komono



  • Debbie Dibble

    January 1, 2017

    A wonderful blog post to end off 2016. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • Janette Shearer

    January 4, 2017

    I love your style! I didn’t even know Mules were a thing! I will have to look into them more! Stripes though… NO WAY lol

  • Codi Lynn

    January 6, 2017

    These photos though! Also pumped about the sneakers, heck yes!

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