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How To Shop Resale This Fall with Shameless Resale

How To Shop Resale This Fall with Shameless Resale

Hello friends!! It’s been a minute. I want to kick off the fall season on here by talking about resale shopping.¬†If you have followed my style journey for a while, you know my obsession with buying resale is REAL. I started shopping resale about 5 or 6 years ago, after I discovered that the luxury pieces I wanted in my wardrobe could be mine, for a fraction of the price. Here are a few helpful tips on how to shop resale this fall with Courtney of Shameless Resale.

How To Shop Resale This Fall with Shameless Resale

Courtney has been in the resale industry for over a decade. She has a great eye when it comes to style, and buying resale. We first connected in 2018 when she opened Shameless Resale, and I featured her on the blog here.

Since Courtney has a ton of experience with buying and selling resale fashion, I thought that she would be the perfect person to ask how to successfully shop resale, as we enter the fall season. Let’s learn how to take our shopping dollars farther while being kinder to the environment (win, win). ūüėČ

Let’s start off with some background questions, and go from there!

How To Shop Resale This Fall with Shameless Resale

S: What inspired you to start your own resale business?

C:¬†From a young age, I loved dressing up and wearing brand name clothing, but couldn’t always afford it.¬† One day, a friend of mine was showing off her new Gucci pumps that she scored on sale at a consignment store for $100.¬†The next day, I went to check out a few local consignment stores and I was instantly hooked. I loved the adrenaline rush from hunting for and finding great prices on luxury items. Shortly after¬†I applied for a job as a Consignment Buyer, was hired and¬†started my foray into the industry.¬†After working in the resale industry for over a decade building up an extensive knowledge, building strong relationships with both customers and suppliers, and with the encouragement of my clients, I decided to branch out on my own and open Shameless Resale in March of 2018.

S: What types of brands do you carry? And what is the average price point?

C: Our goal is to have something for everybody. From sweatpants to stilettos! If your budget is below $50 and you are looking to upgrade your work wardrobe, we carry a wide variety of products from Aritzia to Lululemon. If you love luxury brand names, we carry brands like Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Hermes and more.

S:  What have you noticed about the resale industry over the past few years and what has changed?

C: More people than ever that are wanting to clean out their closet. I think Marie Kondo helped to inspire people to live with less and be more mindful about what they are purchasing. People are more conscious of the slow fashion movement and want to build a more conscious wardrobe. Building a capsule is a great way to start! A capsule wardrobe represents more time, more money, and more energy. I used to try on about 100 things every morning before deciding on my outfit that day. Simplify things by pairing down what you own, and investing in quality pieces that will last. 

S: What do you love most about running your own online business?

C: My favourite part of owning my own business is meeting all the wonderful women that have become customers and friends. I love that everyday is different! I am always learning new things. I am so grateful for my team and the opportunity to work in an industry that I love.  I still get excited when I sort through our new arrivals!

S: What would you tell someone who has not discovered resale shopping and may feel a little uncertain or confused by the experience? What is the best way to start?

C:¬†Have an open mind! At one time there may have been a stigma around shopping second-hand, however with the changing of times as well as perspectives on the environment, consignment and resale is the most popular it’s ever been.¬†We have clients that replace their wardrobe seasonally, and we receive so many items that are still brand new with the tags. The best advice I have is to make a list of what you are looking for on your phone and save a few pictures of styles for inspiration. This will help keep you focused, and on budget.

S: What are a few of your favourite pieces online for fall?

C:¬†Tough question! We have so many that I love. I always love a good crossbody bag, and we have a really cool Allsaints bag that is perfect for fall. We’ve got brand new rain boots by Rachel Comey that are great. Cute with the fuzzy leopard lining, and also practical for winter in Vancouver. We also have the perfect LBD by Obakki for the upcoming holiday season.

How To Shop Resale This Fall with Shameless Resale

I was able to snag this amazing Stella McCartney bag from Shameless Resale over the summer, and I know it will be a great staple accessory for the fall season too. I love buying handbags through resale as you can find both the current styles that you have been coveting (for substantially less than retail price), but also discover older styles that you didn’t know existed!

Some staple pieces that I tend to look for during the fall season are;

    • blazers
    • coats
    • boots
    • sneakers
    • crossbody bags
    • knit sweaters

Fall is an expensive season to buy for when it comes to updating your wardrobe. I focus on finding staple quality items that I know I will wear often, and I will be able to save quite a bit of money by buying them resale!

Here are some of my top picks for fall, available on the Shameless Resale website!

  1. Aritzia Lace Sheer Shirt
  2. Anine Bing Kensington Bag 
  3. Dolce Vita Zipper Booties 
  4. Vince Faux Shearling Knit Top 
  5. Louis Vuitton Cashmere Logo Scarf 

How To Shop Resale This Fall with Shameless Resale

A simple, everyday fall look featuring my Stella McCartney handbag from Shameless Resale 

If you have any questions about how to shop resale this fall, ask me in the comments!! Make sure to check out Shameless Resale online, and on instagram. There is something for everyone!


Happy Fall (Resale) Shopping!!