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Coffee & Clothes – Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

I have wanted to introduce more travel to the blog for quite some time, but I needed to figure out the best way to execute it first. My kids (as you may or may not know) don’t LOVE the camera (whomp, whomp…) nor does my husband. That includes being both the subject and the photog. Sooooooo, I needed to get creative and find a way to still document our travel, while still incorporating an element of fashion.

If there are two things that I love on a daily basis, it is coffee, and clothes. Every time we go away, I spend time beforehand researching the best boutiques and coffee spots that are local to that area. I want to find those special, one of a kind places that only locals usually know about.

My recent getaway to Victoria was different than most, for the reason that it was just my friend and I. No husband, no kids. So, there was alllll the time in the world to check out the spots that I had researched ahead of time. It wasn’t our first time in the city, but we had a chance to see it in a different way (meaning sans kids, so not restricted to a schedule, etc.). We found so many gems in city to visit, so here it goes….

  1. Hey Happy (featured above) – 560 Johnson Street. – Surrounded by cute, independent boutiques on lower Johnson, this coffee spot had one of the most unique iced coffees I have ever had – tumeric vanilla cashew milk. It was beyond amazing! They also serve nitro brew, baked goods, and have a small (but great) selection of merchandise.

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

2. Folk Boutique – 803 Fort Street – Located in central downtown, this boutique features a great selection of modern, minimal west coast fashions, at an affordable price. A great place to find basics, neutral pieces with a twist, minimal style jewellery and accessories.

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

3. Habit Coffee – 552 Pandora Avenue – Settled on the edge of Chinatown, Habit Coffee is a quaint little spot that is warm and welcoming. Their approach to coffee roasting is ethical and sustainable, using quality beans sourced from a local company. I stuck with my usual americano misto order, and enjoyed people watching outside on their benches. There seemed to be a great sense of community there! Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

4. Little Gold – 560 Johnson Street – Nestled in the lower Johnson shopping district, this boutique specializes in jewellery, with a focus on independent and emerging designers. You can find local pieces by Kara Yoo, Keltie Leanne, and many more. There is an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind pieces mixed with the perfect everyday jewels. It’s a great place to find gifts, or treat yourself ♥

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

6. Discovery Coffee – 1001 Blanshard Avenue – Our very first stop on our adventure. Discovery coffee is located in the heart of downtown, and features a large patio (perfect for sipping coffee and people watching ;-)) as well as a gorgeous indoor space, with beautiful decor and a botanical wall. They serve a great selection of coffee and baked goods, including one kick @$$ honey glazed donut that I had no regrets eating 😉

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

7. Meraki Boutique – Only a short car ride out of downtown, Meraki boutique is located at the Uptown Shopping Centre. It stands apart from it’s retail neighbours, in their unique independent boutique space, selling a selection of quality, fashion forward pieces. I particularly love their amazing selection of shoes, and handful of Australian labels that are hard to find anywhere else. I can assure you, it’s next to impossible to walk out empty handed!

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

8. Nourish Kitchen & Cafe – 225 Quebec Street  – Nestled in the James Bay neighbourhood, this charming little cafe/restaurant lives in a beautiful 1889 heritage home. They have both a full service restaurant side with a wrap around patio (and an amazing healthy menu) as well as a coffee shop indoors. I took home a delicious chocolate cookie to satisfy my sweet tooth later in the day 😉 This place has such a unique setting, that it is a must-see in my opinion!

Coffee & Clothes - Victoria Travel Guide to the Best Spots in the City

9. Still Life For Her – 550 Johnson Street  – One of the last stops on our journey, and one that certainly did not disappoint. Still Life focuses on brand individuality, and carries a variety of quality fashions and modern designs. You can find a selection of beautiful clothing, unique and hand crafted handbags, sunglasses, and a killer shoe collection. I wanted to buy everything that I tried on!

So I hope I have now convinced you to go to Victoria 😉 It is such a gorgeous city with so much to offer. I highly recommend taking Harbour Air from Vancouver to add to the experience!


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