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Brand Feature: Hieleven Bags

Brand Feature: Hieleven Bags

Brand Feature: Hielevn Bags, photo by Iulia Agnew

Brand Feature: Hieleven Bags, photo by Vancouver photographer Iulia Agnew

Just before the end of last year I treated myself to a new bag. It had been a while since my last bag purchase, and as someone who typically doesn’t trade out very often, I was itching for a new style. After sporting a cross body for so many years, it was time to switch it up and find a classic handbag. I had come across Hieleven on Instagram a while back, and the minimalist design immediately caught my eye. I assumed right away that this was a designer bag, with a designer price tag. It was a pleasant surprise when I clicked through to discover something I hadn’t come across before. Hieleven is a line of genuine leather bags at a reasonable price point. They cut high margins to create minimal, modern design handbags for the everyday woman. With several different styles offered, not one is more than $119 US.

I don’t think I have ever owned a bag (regardless of the label) that has received more compliments than this one. This flap closure handbag style featured above is the perfect shape and size, and has easy access which is very convenient. And can we talk about this colour??! Needless to say, it literally goes with my entire wardrobe 😉 If you are wondering about the quality at that price point, I will tell you that it is very decent. There is no hardware on the bag or lining, which actually makes it incredibly light. The split cattle leather allows you to wipe off any marks quite easily – which is a bonus too!

I will continue to use this one on repeat, and when I am ready to add another to my collection, it will be the Pochette crossbody bag in fawn!

You can view their entire collection here. Pre-order before February 1st and receive $5 off and free shipping!! (to both US and Canada) with code PREORDER17.

Photos by Iulia Agnew

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