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Blazer with shorts

Blazer with shorts

Blazer with shorts 2

Blazer with shorts 5

Blazer with shorts 6

Blazer with shorts 8

Based on my style diaries, you’ve probably figured out by now I am passionate about a good blazer. I have a handful in my closet; all of which I wear on a continual basis. I don’t like storing them away through Summer either. If I can find a reason to wear one, I will.

There is something trés chic in my opinion about the blazer/shorts combination. Style mavens like Sincerely Jules or Damsel in Dior sport it so effortlessly all of the time. Now I may not have the bronzed gams to go with them, but I certainly feel as though a young Mama can pull this look off too, without comprimising practicality. Most of us are wearing denim shorts throughout the summer already, so why not elevate the look just slightly?!

I started off by testing this combo out with my classic pointy toe flats. I loved the match, however it didn’t seem realistic to me, nor true to my own style (which I cannot stress enough, is SO incredibly important). So, I reached for my booties. These shoes are like a security blanket for me as I feel they go with just about everything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; These booties were made for walkin, and that’s what they’re gonna do! (a LOT).

top (ALC, resale)/ blazer (similar)/ shorts, sunnies, necklace (hunnis, c/o)/ booties

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